Documenting Xcode templates in detail

Documenting Xcode templates in detail

I consider myself to be a forensic developer by trade. I yet have to encounter a client’s project even remotely similar to any of the projects I’ve worked on in the past. The said projects are so vastly dissimilar that they form a nice data-source for a “random project” function.

I might admit I’m very seasoned in trying to figure out where, why, how-come and WTF, when it comes to deciphering a code-base. So, this template-diving felt even a little bit fun.

I wanna document what I’ve learnt so far about Xcode Templates, in as much details as I find necessary to be able to recollect all the relevant information that makes one fully competent to create any template, in future dates.

The (first post) in the subject was just an introduction to Xcode templates. I’m going to continue with a description of File templates, followed by detailed description of TemplateInfo.plist file structure. I’m continuing with the Base project templates, and after that I will be publishing several examples of creating templates.

I find this approach of documenting the subject beforehand, and exercising it later, to facilitate its completenss of coverage., and it might serve as a good reference later.